Cancer Is Curable Through Alternative Medicine.

Over the years there has been the notion that cancer can not be treated using herbal remedies in that cancer can not be treated and cured by Orthodox or officially certified medicine.
Nature has endued man with so much potentials. Man only limited himself in the use of what nature has provided. Herbalism is an area of science humanity at large has abandoned. The original sources of food eaten by man are vegetables, animals, birds, fish and sea food. Our bodies are built on what we eat, the air we breath and the thought we think or the impression that filters through our consciousness.
Scientific Herbalism or Alternative Medicine can be explored or tapped into for the solution to many incurable diseases affecting the inhabitants of this planet.
Breast lump, for example, can be treated and cured using anticarcinogenic herbal remedies and scientific poultice. HIV, Herpes Zoaster (crossing belt) can be treated and cured using antiviral herbal remedies like HA19Herbal Remedy.
It is my opinion that instead of allowing the suffer


Malignant breast mass

ing masses die ignorantly the scientific world should include Alternative Medicine in their embrace for research and recognition.